Finally, Meant to Be


yes, the new CD is here at looooong last … at least it felt like a really long wait to us, maybe it hasn’t been all that long in regular earth time    🙂

You have a few options for getting your very own copy:

#1) You can send a check to Mare Wakefield for $15. We like this option because you pay less and we keep more. Also, you can get a personalized autograph. Address is 1014 Sharpe Ave, Nashville TN 37206.  (For international addresses we’ll have to add a little shipping, email us and we’ll calculate.  mare [at] marewakefield [dot] com.

#2) You can go to CD Baby. Very quick and reliable. You can hear song samples here, and be the first to write a review! You can also download mp3’s here if that’s what you prefer.

Any way you slice it, we hope you enjoy it!


Mare & Nomad

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