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WHAT is a House Concert?

A house concert is a chance to experience our music in a friendly, intimate environment. Someone opens their home and invites friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. into their living room to share in a Mare & Nomad concert. We love meeting people and introducing them to our music, signing CDs and sharing the stories behind the songs. Plus a house concert is the perfect setting for Nomad’s jokes!  🙂

WHY would anyone do this?

In the words of frequent hosts: “It was a perfect night. Lots of friends, good food and music… the music was just wondrous. I still can’t believe it happened…they were sitting in my living room playing all the stuff I listen too, live!“ Lynda, FL

“It was a wonderful event, and words fail to express the excitement and spirit of the whole evening! I urge ANYONE to consider hosting Mare & Nomad. I had NO ONE out of 60 people who failed to pay the suggested donation. It was a great way to kick off our 5th year of hosting.” Raymond, LA

WHAT do I do?

You invite your friends over for a concert. Everyone gets a fun, friendly environment in which to hear our music. We recommend you try to secure at least 20 people since that seems to be the minimum number needed to create a really great atmosphere. We can provide you with a short bio, video and audio clips and some career highlights to help entice potential audience members.

“But I don’t have twenty friends.”  

If you don’t think you can get 20 people together, there are options. Perhaps one of your friends would be willing to co-host and help with invitations? Or perhaps they have friends who will bring in additional people. Remember neighbors, co-workers, relatives and church/temple members, etc. might like to attend.

We can help you as much as you’d like with spreading the word. With your permission, we can reach out to folks already on our mailing list or social media pages and invite them to the concert.

A word about compensation

A Suggested Donation of $20 – $25 per person is customary at house concerts. Some hosts prefers to sponsor the concert and pay a flat fee, or guarantee a certain amount. But make no mistake, you do not have to be wealthy to host a house concert, you just need to be able to get a few friends together.


If you opt for the donation jar, the most important thing is that you mention it, both in the invitations ahead of time, and again the night of the concert. There are several different ways in which this can be successful:

A) Someone collects money from people as they walk in the door

B) At the beginning of the show and/or at the set break, the host mentions the suggested donation amount and location of the jar.

C) The host passes the hat through the audience.

D) The host gets RSVPs from folks and collects money in advance. This works well as people tend to show up more reliably once they’ve already paid!

Anything else?

Hosts often include some kind of pot-luck style food along with the concert. Anything from a full-on meal to light snacks or dessert. Having some kind of snacking option is a nice way to facilitate interaction between guests who may not know each other.

House concerts are a great way to build community through music. We love doing house concerts more than any other kind of performance. It’s really the best way to share our music with an audience!

Still have questions?

Contact us, we’d love to answer any remaining question!

Happy hosting!   xo ~Mare and Nomad